Just Duckie

July 18, 2017

Rubber, real and rows of ducks appear for several months, mostly in summer, but we do have lingering ducks well into winter, even swimming on the icy waters of the Chena during November.

Here is one of the first ducks we found on our property a little over a month ago.


Mama with 7 ducklings

Ducklings crossing the road

As a chance meeting, I witnessed this cute parade of a mama duck with her ducklings, crossing Fairbanks Street.







But the upcoming attraction you will spot at locations around town is the large rubber ducky advertising our crazy fun in the midnight sun over Golden Days.


Rubber duckie outside Sunrise coffee kiosk

Rubbie Duckie for Golden Days

This year, the Golden Days theme is “friends in cold places” (not so aptly named for this time of year, with our 70 and 80 degree weather the past few weeks). To enter, you must purchase a $5 or $10 ticket for your rubber ducky’s chance to win one of many coveted prizes, including two round trip tickets wherever Alaska Airlines flies, a Mexican or Caribbean cruise, a variety of donated prizes, and money of course. Hurry, you still have a chance at this one of many events Golden Days has to offer! Maybe you will be the next lucky duck.