Daylight Dawn and Darkness

February 19, 2019


People in Fairbanks are all about aurora viewing, but experiencing daylight at five in the afternoon deserves some kind of celebration.  An excitement in the air, a sense of hope–even though it is still February I believe I felt the warm of the sunlight through the car windows while I was driving around town midday.

While people talk about all the darkness during winter, if there is sufficient snow, any light–day or night–reflecting off the snow makes a huge difference. If you are coming and renting a car–believe it or not–you will appreciate bringing sunglasses.  At night, with just a touch of moonlight, you can see well enough to walk the dog.  And even despite moonlight, you can still see some great northern lights.


Pink sunrise

Something about that quiet serenity of snow-laden trees that are tall, but lacey with silvery frost and glitter.  Those long hours of daylight are not too far off.