Two feet of snow and it’s spring

March 28, 2012

The geese are already been spotted  in Delta and it’s the last week in March!  We’ve had our ups and downs with weather this year: record setting cold in January, unseasonsably warm in February, and so far, a pretty cold March.  But we are happy! Things are on the upswing–snow is sliding off the roofs, it was 20 above zero (trust me, that’s warm!) last night, and it’s light until almost 9 pm. 

Weather here can make or break you.  It’s part of the deterrent for more people coming to stay in Alaska.  Somehow, when you tell people it gets to 40 below in the winter, images of frozen figures walking though a thick fog materialize…and brain freeze sets in.  Truly, that kind of weather sets the men apart from the boys.  Alaskans pride themselves in being independent and survivors.  Just check out the television series on the ice roads.