October 6, 2022

Alaska is a land of adventure—you never know just what you might run into.

Wildlife is a huge attraction for visitors.  While most people are able to see several types of animals in Denali Park, some are fortunate enough to run into them (figuratively we hope of course!) on the roadside.  One spot close to Fairbanks that moose frequent is Chena Hot Spring Road.  The upper Chena meanders alongside the two lane road and offer a watering hole for moose.    This picture was taken by my daughter on her way back to Fairbanks up the Richardson Highway—these bear were happy to pose while checking out the car passing by.

Wildlife is also a draw for hunters within Alaska as well as from around the country.  My nephew hunts every fall and is usually able to harvest a moose to pack the freezer for the winter.  This past month several of our guests were returning from remote sites where they were seeking caribou.  Indigenous people will be embarking upon whale hunting soon so they can share their good fortune with their community.

If you are hunting for views of the aurora, this is the time to come; people are already flocking to Fairbanks for what looks to be a very promising winter of auroral activity.  There are three “S’s”  to know about this hunting adventure:  (1) Skies that are clear (think seeing stars) are a must; (2) Sun spots that create a heighten amount of solar activity and (3) Staying awake and away from light interference (consider the phrase, “sleep is overrated”)

Many come to Alaska “hunting” a fresh start, new job, and make a new life.  Alaska does not disappoint; with wide open opportunities to launch a business, many locals are proof that given the gumption to keep on trying you can reach your goals to succeed in entrepreneurial pursuits.  My favorite example is one of a young upstart who began with a lemonade stand downtown, and retired as a Chancellor for the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

What adventure will you seek in Alaska?