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Native Olympics ear pull

We may be the 49th state in the United States line up, but we definitely leave our mark when it comes to making a statement. Alaskans can be very laidback in their general lifestyle, while at the same time extremely defiant or perhaps in kinder terms “fiercely independent.”
Note the current political scene: In respect to claiming a political party, please note that Alaska had the ONLY independent governor. I emphasize the phrase “had” because Governor Walker has bowed out of seeking a second term to afford the declared democratic candidate a better chance to win, rather than dividing the vote (or confusing the vote) by having to choose between four candidate on the ticket. Only time will tell if this tactic will aide in a more clearly supported candidate. Walker himself was a “leopard” republican who changed his spots to become an independent and run against the incumbent republican governor and win four years, but lose the voter trust then drop out of the race and transfer his support to the democrat candidate.
Always in the news: let’s not revisit the make-or-break Lisa Murkowski vote or the flash-in-the-pan Sara Palin. Hey, should we inject the Alaskan saying women have about men in Alaska? The odds are good but the goods are odd? How about not so political…reminiscent of the most grueling dogsled race there is with multiple-time winner of the Iditarod—Susan Butcher.
Tough, self-sufficient, against the odds—Alaskans are noted for perseverance. Whether it is against the extreme elements of the winter, or the elected officials of the electorate, this quality seems to be prevalent across the board; perhaps, even essential for living in this Great Land.

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